Fast foods to have on a date

A hungry man is an angry man. This well-known fact is confirmed by the numerous spots on the shirt, which form a freakish pattern, starting somewhere in the chest and smoothly descending to the stomach. Romantic relationships usually begin with a semi-official date in some fancy restaurant with delicious food, light wine and pleasant conversation Men "turn on the charm" and try to entertain the lady, often forgetting such an important factor as food. But it is simply amazing what conclusions a girl can make on the basis of a simple salad! Do not hesitate: on the first date the girl pays attention to everything absolutely. It is important not only what you eat, but how you do it - gently, calmly, carefully chewing each piece, or in a hurry, without looking. Your choice of food will help your companion to make their choice, and whether it will be in your favor or not depends on only you.

№1. Big Mac

If you invited a girl for a date in McDonald’s, it means you do not value her attention. Maybe you are married, or you already have a regular girlfriend, you want to have an affair on the side and just hide from your acquaintances who might catch you at the crime scene. You can hardly meet them in the booze-barn like McDonald’s. So, if your first date was held in a fast-food restaurant, you should not count on a continuation. Moreover, we do not recommend leaving the girl alone even for a couple of minutes .When you return, you risk simply not catching her. The girl will think the same thing as any normal person: you are an idiot. Just eat your french fries and go home to your wife.

№2. Milk

Probably should not talk about this at all, but still consider it: under any circumstances, do not order dishes from the children's menu. Even if for dessert you ordered a huge piece of cake, please do not take milk. Order coffee or any other hot drink. Adult men do not drink milk with strangers (especially if you do not digest lactose badly), and even more so on a date. A man accustomed to drinking milk at dinner goes to bed early and depends on his mommy. At least, such a stereotype exists in the minds of most women.

№ 3.Vanilla ice cream

The girl chooses something exquisite and extraordinary, and you order a few balls of vanilla ice cream. What a girl would think: You are a bore. You are not inclined to experiments and adventures, do not like to take risks and thus deprive yourself of many pleasures including the intimate sphere. Women tend to project men’s habits on relationships. Therefore, a possible connection with you will seem to the girl as boring and uninteresting as a ball of vanilla ice cream.

№4. Fish sticks

If you are such a fish lover, ask the waiter to bring a fish dish of the day or any other fish dish, but not fish sticks as how this is too boring food for a date. In addition, fish sticks is not really a fish, but a bunch of chemical additives. It is completely inappropriate if you want to impress a girl.

№5. Soup

The first and most important rule: never order more or less than your companion. For example, if she takes a snack, you should also order a snack (you can take one for two). This rule also applies to soup and salad. There is nothing more inconvenient than watching others eat while trying to have a casual conversation. Therefore, we recommend to refrain from soup, because not every girl loves him. In addition, it is very difficult to eat while maintaining conversation. The girl will think that you do not care about the opinions of others. If you are not shy to sip and smack on the first date in public, the girl will imagine how you will behave when you meet her friends or parents.