How to Impress a Modern Girl: Tips & Advice

“I’ve never had this before!” – Have you ever heard such words from a girl? If you look at most of the men, how they behave in the process of seduction, you can see that they just try to “buy” the interest of girls or to logically prove why they should date them. Many behave tritely, ask the same standard questions, especially girls from, give flowers on the first date and invite to dinner in a restaurant. But all this is a bad idea. It can’t impress modern girls. First of all, you have to communicate with girls in an emotional language, so that their inner worlds explode with surprise every time.

things to impress a girl

Do we actually have to impress girls?

Any man who wants to conquer a girl must know how to impress her. Girls are very fond of emotions. Many of the men don’t even understand what role emotions play in their lives. Women receive much more information from emotions than from words. Their logic and actions directly depend on the emotions they receive.

Let’s define why it is necessary to learn how to impress any girl:

  1. To be able to stand out from a large number of “banal” fans to generate genuine interest.
  2. Simplify the process of seduction and turn the acquaintance into the first intimacy.
  3. Accelerate the time of creating a strong relationship in which a girl will be ready for everything.

There are a lot of ways to impress a girl. The main point is that emotions need to be strengthened gradually as you communicate and move from free to more expensive ways. You may even impress a girl without money much better than, say, inviting her to an expensive restaurant or giving a bouquet of 101 roses.

As you know, the easiest way to get acquainted with girls is, of course, dating sites and social networks. So, let’s say you like a girl on some of these sites. What are the things to impress a girl on the Internet? It is important to understand that, first of all, you just need to establish contact. So, don’t try to immediately surprise a girl. At first, the usual word “Hello!” is enough for starting communication. And if it is clear that a girl is ready to communicate, then it is necessary to start giving her positive emotions. But first things first.

How to impress a girl on a date: various approaches

For a man who is in love, his girl is the most: the most beautiful, charming, sweet, and clever. And it is not easy for him to conform to the ideal, which he himself drew in his heart. Of course, a young man wants to impress his girl so that the bright and pleasant impression remains about him; he wants a young lady to sincerely and strongly become interested in him and their romantic date not to turn into the last one. All men should know how to surprise a girl. At all times, the woman is the keeper of the hearth and just the object of adoration. And in order for you to receive warmth and affection, you have to take care of her. Let’s see how to impress a girl on a date.

Appearance and positive thinking

How to dress to impress a girl? The first impression, as we all know, is made by appearance. Clothes and shoes should always be clean, neat, and new. Face, hair, and hands should always be well-groomed. This is a straightforward standard. Still, it is necessary to be able to speak beautifully. Speech should be intelligible, short, and semantic. And, of course, your smile should be the manifestation of positivity in everything. The easiest way to evoke emotions is to joke. Laughter should be your weapon on the first date. Funny stories and a couple of funny jokes should always be present in your communication. Just don’t turn into a clown telling stupid jokes to impress a girl.

Bicycling and picnic

How to impress a girl on a first date? You may combine these two activities! Cycling is a great way to spend a day off, and a picnic somewhere in the park (or any other suitable and disposing place) may be a reward for your efforts. Take a blanket with you, sandwiches, a thermos with tea, sweets, fruit – and it’s done. The main thing is not to overdo the amount of food. It is noticed that people tend to overestimate their gastronomic abilities and they take so much food that they can’t eat.

Beautiful place in the city

How to impress a girl you like? Invite her to one of the unusual places in your city. It can be beautiful parks, a river bank or a pond, the roofs of abandoned buildings or maybe the place where you like to spend time alone. There can be two options: either you bring a girl to the place with her eyes closed (which will cause some intrigue) or appoint a date somewhere without saying anything. The place should really cause a lot of positive emotions!

Romantic gift

If you show yourself as a romantic, you will give a lot of impressions to a girl. It can be a beautiful verse, a song accompanied by a guitar, a painted picture of the place of your first date, etc. It is very simple just to buy some gift. But it will not have your love and soul. And you just need to begin to give your love to strengthen relationships. Give all of yourself. Most of all, it’s nice to receive gifts made from the heart!

Free event

And, of course, don’t miss the chance to surprise a girl with various free events, where something interesting can happen. It can be Friday concerts in bars, exhibitions in museums, city holidays, auto and air shows. In the tabs of your browser, there should always be a poster of upcoming events. Of course, you must be sure that she will definitely like it. Once or twice a month, these campaigns will give you new vivid emotions. It is definitely better than to sit at home.


All girls love animals very much. Cats, fish, giraffes… After all, they are just as cute. They can be touched, fed, photographed. You can even swim with dolphins. Therefore, you can give a lot of impressions going to the park, circus or aquarium. In general, anywhere these animals are.

jokes to impress a girl


The easiest way to impress a girl is to add a bit of extreme to her life. But you have to do this in the way that she experiences a lot of adrenaline and not tears and abuse. Here you need to understand what dose to give. Perhaps, it is better to ask in advance whether she would like to try out something extreme.


Take her hunting or fishing. Girls really like such “typical male” entertainment: it’s interesting and they can wear their new tracksuits with rhinestones. And at night, you can sit by the fire and grill sausages.

Dreams come true

Surely, she wants to go to the theater or opera, and you, like a real man, completely avoid this event. Make a surprise and buy tickets! Can you imagine how much happiness you will bring her? Among other things, you take into account her interests, sacrificing your ones. We assure you, she will appreciate it!

Concert of her favorite musicians

Does she love music? And you know exactly what her favorite band/singer is? Then while walking along the embankment, you will surely pass by some street musicians. Order in advance her favorite song.


Surprise a girl inviting her to a slow dance in some quiet and beautiful place, whether it’s a sleepy street or an evening beach. Prepare suitable music on your smartphone in advance and turn it on at the right time. Your lady will be surprised and she will certainly not refuse to dance!


For the sake of your girl, you can be a real magician at least for one day. For example, think about how you can pull a fresh rose out of your sleeve with one beautiful movement or “materialize” a box with a gift. Then a loved one will not cease to be surprised and will never be bored in your company.


Rent or find a cafe on the roof in your city or find a high hill with a view of the city (it is an alternative option in the style of Hollywood movies) and arrange a picnic. It’s even better to prepare everything in advance and blindfold your girl. Believe me, the most interesting thing in a surprise is intrigue and when you don’t see anything, it intrigues 150%!

Pure romance

Invite your girlfriend to your home. When she knocks the door, you just say that the door is open and wait for her in the kitchen. She comes in and there… the path of lighted candles, the petals of flowers everywhere, it smells delicious with food and aromatic oils. Of course, here everything depends on your cooking abilities.

Summarizing, we can firmly say: there are a lot of options to impress a girl. You just have to have a sincere desire, enough creative imagination, and taste. For example, one more excellent gift can be a site made for her personally and about her, a slideshow of her photos or a music video for her.

how to really impress a girl over text​

Bonus: how to impress a girl over text

An interesting story from your life

When our communication begins, we, as a rule, try to learn more about each other. And this shouldn’t be trivial questions of the same type and short answers to them. You need to learn how to present yourself, your best qualities and interesting life. To do this, it is necessary to have a couple of good stories, which will cause positive impressions about you. For example, it can be a story about your extreme hobby, about an unforgettable journey with friends around Europe or about helping someone in a difficult situation. The stories themselves should cause emotions.

Beautiful compliment

How to impress a girl on chat? After you learn more about a girl, you can make her a beautiful compliment. The whole point of the compliment should be in one thing – to impress a girl! Therefore, it is better to write it not straightforwardly, but between the lines. And it should be both extraordinary and beautiful. It is not necessary to use standard phrases and banal confessions. The compliment must be true and from the heart. Girls feel everything. So, it’s not worth lying at all. And don’t forget that different girls like different compliments.


Many girls are just crazy about all sorts of esoteric and mystical things. So, you can impress even an unfamiliar girl, pretending to be ... a psychic. To do this, you need to get to know some details of her life: what she likes to eat, where she likes to relax, what her favorite pet is, and so on. You can get all the information from her friends, for example, or just through her page on a social network. And then everything is simple – chat with her and impress with your psychic abilities.

Declaration of love in several languages

In this case, you will have to work a little, but the result will surely exceed all your expectations. The surprise is that you will have to send a message in which you declare your love to her in different languages (at least ten, otherwise, it will be simply insolent). This is how to really impress a girl over text.